A small band with a curiously large sound.

Gritty, honest and soulful performers.

Three friends raised on funk, rock, jazz, blues, soul, and folk.

Born from the thriving Burlington, Vermont music scene.

They create folk funk to soothe your soul. 


Drums / Andy Feltus

Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Emma Cook

Bass / Max Guyton


Take It Home is a fun, breezy album for people who like uncomplicated pop rock. Cook is a formidable songwriter and instrumentalist and will likely continue to impress on future efforts.
— Jordan Adams, Music Editor at Seven Days
The trio brings a light jazzy touch to their uptempo country-pop to create a song that, ironically, would probably sound pretty good on a road trip. [Their tune Nashville] is really the anti-“New York State of Mind”: an upbeat ditty about a bleak bus trip rather than a weepy ballad about how swell the passenger’s feeling.
— Ray Padgett, County Tracks