Genre(s): folk-folk, bluesy pop-rock, all original
Tagline: Music to Soothe the Soul.
ReleasesQuestionable Company (2015), Take It Home (2017)
Hometown: Burlington, VT
Abbreviation: E Co & Q Co
Instagram: @questionablecompany
Hashtag: #stayquestionable



Born from the thriving Burlington, Vermont music scene, three friends raised on funk, rock, jazz, blues, soul and folk, combined their nuanced styles to create this all-original funk-folk trio. A small band with a curiously large sound, they deliver a gritty, honest and soulful performance.


E Co & Q Co’s repertoire is filled with original tunes by front woman Emma Cook – the singer songwriter and rhythmic instrumentalist of the group. Andy Feltus and Max Guyton are Questionable Company, with guest guitarists and singers always gracing the stage.

As the band formed, each of their musical backgrounds informed and added to E Co & Q Co’s unique sound. With the jazz finessed, old school rock, classic funk influence of Andy Feltus on drums; and Max Guyton's distinct, driving melodic bass style, Cook's songs became more funkified, and all three of the musicians molded and melded into a more funk-loving version of themselves.

Cook's voice can seamlessly transition from big band jazz to acoustic coffee shop folk. Her lyrics reflecting the trials tribulations and joys of life – paired with Q Co’s tightly woven groove – make them at home in any setting.  Performances engage audiences through their funky grooves, friendly demeanor, and melodic lyrics. Whether it’s an intimate, acoustic performance or electrified at a high volume venue, E Co & Q Co is a no holds barred band that continues to impress.

They are music to soothe your soul, and their shows have an effect that’s pleasing to your mood, your soul, and the dance floor.


"The three have more up their sleeves than just noodling around. [Their debut album] is both surprising and pleasing...with a sound that is soulful and distinct — but familiar enough to satisfy the Burlington funk crowd — this trio's got a good thing going. "

          -Liz Cantrell, Seven Days VT Music Reviewer

"Take It Home is a fun, breezy album for people who like uncomplicated pop rock. Cook is a formidable songwriter and instrumentalist and will likely continue to impress on future efforts."

          -Jordan Adams, Seven Days VT Music Editor


"Cook's vocals largely define Questionable Company's lifting, expressive sound."
"Feltus' drumming is tender, while Guyton's melodic bass lines keep things wistful."

"Cook's vocals...hushed and deep, and Guyton's moody bass reverberates throughout...gorgeously dark"

         -Liz Cantrell of Seven Days VT

"Helmed by vocalist and songwriter Emma Cook, Questionable Company melds folk and funk together into a sound bigger than you’d expect from a three piece. "

         - ALYSSA KROPP of The Matador Network, "10 Bands Killing it right now in Vermont"